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International Weddings and Carriage Rides is proud to announce the birth of a new program called "Adopt A Horse". This program will give the general public a chance to expose themselves to farm life with horses and knowledge on how it operates. I believe there is a need for such a program to allow the large number of individuals that desire to share my love of horses and agriculture life. I hope the "Adopt A Horse" program opens the door for a fun learning experience, it is my intention to make this project successful and available to those less fortunate.

Participants entering into the program will receive a photo of a real horse, their biography, seasonal updates and an invitation to visit our farm. Some of the information that will be offered in an educational format is an anatomical chart of the horse, hoof care, vaccinations, floating hands/size and body hair. Information on agriculture will included, such as the different varieties of hay (timothy, alfalfa, clover), straw, corn, and oats that are foods for the horses.

I would like to extend a warm "Welcome" to all whom are interested!

Melanie Ecker
International Weddings and Carriage Rides

Click Adopt-A-Horse for an application form.